Leaving the house with out fear, priceless!!!!

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Renay has dealt with severe food allergies for years. Recently, she has had some life-threatening allergic reactions; life has become very hard to live. You see, she is allergic to onions. An allergic reaction always occurs when she is exposed to onions, but becomes life-threatening when there are raw, onions -- and those are everywhere in Texas! In the past year Renay has had too many life-threatening reactions, which has caused a drastic change to her and her familyís way of life. This happens whether she is inside or outside; the vapors are the trigger. Unfortunately, her treatment options are also very limited as she is also allergic to the inert ingredients in an Epipen. It just isnít possible to live a normal life if you know you will be calling 911, but you never know when.  A family friend suggested she get an allergy detection dog.

Enter Mountain High Service Dogs. They will be helping Renay's family obtain a qualified dog, and then train her dog. They are also helping the family fundraise for the dog and it's training, which, as you can imagine takes many hours and as with any specialized help is not inexpensive.

If you would like to help the Boyes Family please contact MHSD by phone or at the below link.

PO Box 0721 Palmer Lake CO 80133 US
 Website: www.mtnhighservicedogs.com
Email: team@mtnhighservicedogs.com

You can also follow along on my Service Dog's Face Book page  Youcaring Fundraiser


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