I Remember


I remember In a poorly lit hotel hallway in the City of Nanchang, Peoples Republic of China, a miracle would take place this day - 8 families were born. After many months of waiting and still more waiting we were all brought together for this day. All of our lives would forever be changed and we would become linked forever with each other.

 I remember The day started much like any other, since we had arrived in China instead of rushing to see some new exciting place. We rushed to the airport in Hong Kong to board a plane heading north to our daughters. When we reached Nanchang riding on a bus that would take us to our hotel, we were told about the wonderful country our daughters had been born in. I tried very hard to take in all that I saw, smelled, and heard so that one day when she asked I could tell my little one about her birth country. I had so little information to give her, I needed this. Our oldest daughter kept saying "look at that" over and over. She too, was taking it all in.

 I remember When we arrived at the hotel from the airport we were told that all of the babies would be there soon; That we had better get settled in our rooms, they would call us when the babies arrived. All of the parents to be were so excited and nervous whether they were 1st time parents or seasoned veterans in the parenting arena. We all had the “what is going to happen next” nerves. Would these little people like us or not? Could we be good parents to someone who so deserves the best parents possible? We quickly made ready for our new little ones then we waited. We waited what seemed like days! We walked the hallways talking about anything and everything, stopping every so often hoping that we would hear one of the phones ringing and it would be our rep telling us they were here.

 I remember Finally the phones started ringing. We all made our way to our reps. room only to be told that one of the orphanages would arrive late. Could we stand waiting a little longer? But through our disappointment an amazing thing was taking place: our friends were becoming families. One by one a babies' name was called and eager parents would step forward to receive a great blessing - a child to love. One by one we each made our way back to our rooms; some of us to learn about this new little person who had become their own, some of us to wait just a little bit longer.

 I remember Once more the phones rang. This time all of us would become families. We all rushed to the reps room once more -- some to receive a wonderful gift, others to see the special moment. Nervously we waited for our babies name to be called. Our older daughter could hardly contain herself in her excitement. The moment she had waited for her whole life was arriving -- she was becoming a big sister. To see the joy this moment brought reminded me that I had to stay calm for her sake. Then that name I had held in my heart was called and I finally after 18 long months of waiting held an angel in my arms. First she just stared at me as if to say 'who are you?' But as soon as she saw her Nanny turn and leave, she let me know that she was not at all happy with the arrangement and even though my angel was very angry with the situation, all I felt was joy that I could finally hold her in my arms. I tried to calm her by telling her over and over how much she meant to us and that she now had a forever family. At that time she didn’t understand, but by the end of the week we were a family.

 Now, one year later we have a house full of love and laughter. We wake up to the joy of sisters laughing about some funny thing -- to the joy of a family complete with all it’s members. Sure, we have had some adjustments but nothing that we couldn’t overcome. A year later and I remember this day it remains in my memory as sharp and clear as ever. All I have to do is close my eyes, and I can see the sights, hear the noises, and smell the smells that met me on a bus traveling to our daughter.

Happy Gotcha Day Vickie Jo!!! We all Love you so...

Mommy, Daddy, and Cassie