The Journey

Once upon a time there was a husband and a wife - and they loved each other. They worked together and they played together. They watched movies together, they played together, they planted tomatoes together.

A few years of loving each other, they knew it was time to love even more. They had a beautiful daughter and they were very happy. Many years later they decided that they could love even more. They decided it was time again to add to their family. But at last they found they couldn’t have another daughter themselves. They looked for their new daughter at work. She was not there. They looked for their new daughter at play. She was not there. "Daughters do not grow on tomato vines," they knew...

"Where can our new daughter be?" they cried...

...they all were sad.

Then a Great Heron appeared beside them. He was Strong and Wise. "Your new daughter is soon to be," he said "But you must travel far." "We can travel far," said the husband. "Our hearts will fuel our journey," said the wife and older sister. They all climbed upon the back of the Great Heron. His wings carried them across the sea. They soared over mountains and streams, villages and farms. After many months, they set down in a far away place. They could see pointy roofs and fields of rice; Paper dragons and wooden carts. "You are in China," said the Great Heron - "And the next Dragon Year will bring you a daughter of China." The family cried tears of joy! Their hearts beat loudly and happily! "We will love her completely!" cried the husband and older sister. "We will make her forever happy!" cried the wife. "You are a Wise and Good Heron," said the husband. "Thank you for showing us our path," said the wife. "Your path has always been before you, " said the Great Heron. "This has been your destiny." "An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet. The thread may stretch or tangle, but will never break."

The Great Heron presented the husband, wife and older sister with bracelets of Red Thread. The family placed them around their wrists. "We will wear these bracelets until our daughter is safely home."

And so their forever-family journey began...


Original Story by Amy Reed