August 21, 2000

Today we registered Vickie's adoption in Nanchang and applied for her passport.


Government  building - Cassie ran into her first squat toilet here. Needless to say she didn't really have to go too bad.


The taxis all had these towels between the seats so you couldn't see out the front window. That was fine with me! The traffic was really bad.


These are the gifts Vickie received in Nanchang. The blue plate was from the registrar's office. The pot that her nanny made, the bag of soil, and Vickie's story on the red cloth were from the orphanage.


After we got back to the hotel from the registrar's office, Cassie and Vickie played with Stacking Cups.


                                                They were a big hit


                            Vickie seemed to think her big sister was very talented.

During the afternoon some of use braved the streets of Nanchang! Here are some pictures.




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