August 31, 2000


A lot of our group went on a tour of the Banyan Temple and the Folk School. A friend of mine took these pictures. As my camera batteries kept going bad because of the humidity. Jeff and I declined having Vickie blessed and dedicated by the buddhist monks here. We wanted her dedicated to Jesus only!

Alice said that theses same ladies come to the temple to pray every day. That is the one thing that really hit me today and the number of lost souls in China and the need for missionaries....








This is the grounds at the Folk School. Wow was it beautiful.



After we got back to the hotel we went to the Arcade that is behind the waterfall.

Cassie and her dad were racing cars. Cassie isn't a very good driver.

Vickie stayed with the ride-on machines!

Then it was time for the famous Red Couch picture taking.
Then Vickie helped Daddy pack again.

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