August 29, 2000

Guangzhou we are one step closer to home.

This is the first Church we saw in China. It is a Catholic Church that holds both Mandarin and English services.


Can you guess where the first place we ate was? Even though we took our lives in our hands to get there it was so good.    


We meet this girl at the store next door to the passport picture place. She was just so sweet and nice. We really liked shopping there.
 This is the card we got to help us get back  to the White Swan.
This families shop was our favorite place  to shop in Guangzhou. It is right  next door to the youth hostel.






Alice our CCAI rep. Getting ready to lead us on another tour. 





Vickie loved her new stroller. Jeff finally let me get one. He was right the sidewalks in Nanchang would have torn one up.










The Waterfall at the White Swan Hotel. It was amazing it must have been two stories tall. The pond it fell into went all around the restaurant. It was just so beautiful. Vickie Jo loved watching the Koi in the pond. It was so nice when she was upset we just went and watched the fish.






In front of the falls








Behind the waterfall.





In the Friendship Park we took this picture of the babies.

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