Almost There

We got on a flight from Colorado Springs and  flew in to L.A. the day before our flight to Hong Kong was scheduled to leave. I thought we would miss our flight as our Taxi driver got a ticket on the way to the airport. I about died. We flew in early because we  didn't want to take any chances that we would miss that flight to Hong Kong as we would have arrived just 20 minutes before take off. Plus I felt that it would be better on Cassie if we all got a great nights sleep. We met up with our group the next day. We were all so excited.

Waiting for our plane at LAX


Some of us slept. Obviously not a parent to be.


 Our plane finally arrives.


All we could see from the plane was some ice between Alaska and Russia. The Stewardesses wouldn't let us open the shades for long, as they were trying to allow other to sleep. 


We finally arrived in Hong Kong.                                        Joanna one of our Hong Kong guides.

What a tired bunch. Some of us decided to stay up for the entire flight. We arrived the night of the 17th.

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